For visitors who would like to learn more about Turkish Islamic culture there are regular presentations in the lecture hall. These are on three themes mainly:

• The history and architecture of the complex

• Calligraphy (presentation and demonstration)

• Ottomans graveyard culture and afterlife beliefs

The presentations are by trained presenters in English language and free of charge.

Poster Display

The courtyard of the complex hosts a poster display open for visitors. The language of the posters is English and these provide answers to frequently asked questions on Islamic faith, Muslim societies and culture.

Calligraphy Workshop

What is the origin of Islamic calligraphy? How did it develop? What are the kinds of calligraphy? Who are the important masters in Turkish Islamic tradition? What are the tools and materials used in traditional and modern calligraphy? You can find answers to these questions during this presentation which is followed by a short demonstration by a professional calligrapher.

Hadith Classes

The school was established as a place of learning more than 400 years ago. In order to continue the tradition and fulfil the trust deed, today there are regular classes to students of Islamic studies. These lectures are on the second important source in Islam, the sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad called “hadith”. These are mainly in Arabic language with some international programmes in English as well.